At Excalibur Vodka™ we pride ourselves in the purity of our vodka. Our proprietary triple filtration system utilizing Platinum, Silver and Carbon filtration technology results in an extraordinarily crisp and tasty vodka.

The word Vodka comes from “Voda”, the Russian word for water. Excalibur Vodka™ is made from pristine spring water sourced from aquifers over 150 meters deep, rising up from ancient glacial lakes. The master distillers of Moldova, the birth place of Excalibur Vodka™, are world renowned for their craftsmanship in creating the most exquisite wines and vodka over centuries!

Experience Royalty with “The World’s Purest Vodka!”


Excalibur Vodka™ is a brand wholly owned by Excalibur Spirits Inc., registered in Toronto, Canada.

Excalibur vodka™ is the result of years of R&D and collaboration between Canadian and Moldovan business entrepreneurs with decades of experience in spirits manufacturing and distribution.

The story goes that the two founders were sharing a drink of vodka one evening and remarked that they could produce a vodka that would eclipse all other brands in purity and taste. This was the genesis of the Excalibur Vodka brand…two friends sipping on vodka and chatting!

The rest so they say is history! They sourced and appointed a master distiller from Moldova, where vodka making is steeped in family tradition for centuries. Tweaked a recipe that has been in the family for decades and voilà…The World’s Purest Vodka was born!

The owners of Excalibur Vodka™ are proud of this outstanding spirit, which has been crafted to exacting standards utilizing the highest quality feedstock available.

Experience Royalty with “The World’s Purest Vodka!”

Enjoy responsibly.


Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur sometimes attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain.

In Chretien de Troyes’s Perceval, Gawain carries Excalibur and it is stated, “for at his belt hung Excalibur, the finest sword that there was, which sliced through iron as through wood”.

The owners of Excalibur chose the name because of its association with “purity” and “quality” similar to the finest steel used in crafting the legendary sword!

The story of EXCALIBUR begins with the highest quality feedstock. We source the finest soft grade A winter wheat grown by generations of farming families from the golden wheat fields of Moldova.

Excalibur uses only the purest water from natural springs located in depths of more than 150 meters. Rising up from deep and ancient lakes, the water passes through the ideal natural filters. Besides, passing through the natural geological strata, the water fills with the vital power and nature’s care. For centuries the water’s taste and properties have remained unchanged. Thanks to the springs’ depth, they do not depend on external influences.

Lastly, our proprietary triple filtration system, utilizing platinum, silver and carbon filters, results in the crispest, purest vodka!
Experience Royalty with “The World’s Purest Vodka!” Enjoy responsibly.


How does Excalibur Vodka differentiate from the rest? We begin with the best!

Pride in Craftsmanship

The master distillers of Excalibur take pride in family recipes handed down from generation to generation producing the finest quality, hand-crafted vodka.

Soft Winter Wheat

The story of Excalibur Vodka™ begins with the highest quality feedstock. We source the finest soft winter grade A wheat grown by generations of farming families from the gently rolling wheat fields of Moldova.

Perfect Finish

From field to your palate Excalibur strives to get the very best out of our pristine ingredients and lets the quality speak for itself. “Taste it…We believe you’ll agree”.

The team of Excalibur Spirits Inc.


We are currently updating our recipes. Check back soon!



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